The Raven and the Writing Desk


In 2007 Maureen Scott Harris and I collaborated on a chapbook published by Jack Pine Press in Saskatoon. To illustrate a suite of haiku on the subject of The Raven and the Writing Desk, I made wash drawings of ravens on mulberry paper. Isabel Stukator, our designer, reduced and arranged them so that they fly through the book. The chap book was printed to our specifications by Sunville Printco Inc. Maureen and I held a few work bees with her daughter Jessica and other friends to cut the raven silhouette into 75 covers and bind the chapbooks using a simple stitch and knot. We made sleeves out of maps--that Maureen's husband Peter had salvaged from the recycling bin at University of Toronto--and stamped them with a linocut image of a raven. Our book launch took place at the raven sculptures near Humber Bay Park and Maureen and I wore black paper raven masks. Julia Aplin (with her daughter Jenny on her back) and Hope Terry did a raven dance. Altogether, a labour of love.


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